iPA Investment.

Using iPA technology in the investment field today is the most promising way
to gain a stable and high profit.

UBK Markets provides an opportunity to receive income from capital investment applying iPA technology.

iPA technology provides automated money management, which helps to obtain the expected profit. The profit of an iPA-Investor can reach the world’s highest indices provided that his/her strategy on funds allocation complies with the recommendations on efficient iPA Investment posted on the Company website.

The Company has developed a convenient tool to manage invested funds – a special web-platform through which the capital increase becomes a simple and intuitive process. Web-platform features allow you to analyze the investment efficiency through the detailed statistics laid down in its functional structure. Thus, invested capital being used while executing trades becomes open and transparent.

Therefore, iPA Investment is not only a free access to capital management tools. It is also an opportunity to choose on your own the most effective trading strategies of the best iPA-Managers from all over the world, whose trades will be executed involving the invested capital. It is an iPA-Investor who decides when to use his/her own funds in trading or, vice versa, when to stop trading with them. The Company does not impose any investment restrictions on its Customers.