iPA System. How it Works.

Taking a classical model of capital management as the basis, we have added
a number of innovations and on the basis of iPA technology developed iPA system,
which is the optimal scheme of cooperation for Company’s Customers,
using the potential of financial markets in the most profitable way.

iPA Technology Algorithms

The key element of iPA system is a unique technology of capital management applying algorithms of intelligent processing of trading signals generated by the provider (iPA-Manager). The basic algorithms of iPA technology are algorithms of risk management whereby a complex analysis of trading signals is made in order to reduce risks and increase profitability when executing trades.

iPA-Manager Account

iPA-Manager Account is a component of our system designed for iPA-Managers to make trading signals. This type of account is a trading account that does not have any margin requirements, in other words, you do not need to allocate your own funds to this account to trade.
Once you open an iPA-Manager account, the system automatically generates two types of accounts:

  • Original account — using original strategy of an iPA-Manager;
  • Processed account — applying algorithms of iPA technology.

iPA-Investor Account

This component of our system is intended to provide automated execution of trades using funds allocated in the iPA-Investor account based on iPA-Managers’ trading signals.

Trading performance of an iPA-Manager is available for public viewing on the Company website (in the Long List of iPA-Managers). Thus, an iPA-Investor has an opportunity to select an iPA-Manager’s trading strategy on the specific financial instrument and type of trading orders (applying processing algorithms – Processed or using original strategy – Original) according to his/her financial interests.

iPA-Investor when allocating funds in this trading account subscribes to the automated execution of trading orders of the iPA-Manager’s trading strategy, which the iPA-Investor has selected involving his/her allocated funds.

If the iPA-Investor when creating the trading account has selected a financial instrument in the Original account, trading orders of an iPA-Manager are sent to the iPA-Investor account in the original form.

If a financial instrument has been selected in the Processed account, a Manager’s trading orders are executed involving the iPA-Investor’s capital once intelligent processing algorithms have been applied to the trading signals generated by the provider.

Modification and Processing of Trading Orders to Minimize Risks

When trading signals of an iPA-Manager are copied to the iPA-Investor trading account, they are estimated according to a number of quality indices one of which is a profit potential. If according to the analysis a trading order created on the basis of a provider’s trading signal complies with the system of standards established by the Company for effective trading, this trading order is transmitted in its original form to the iPA-Investor account for further execution.

Otherwise, the system either does not transmit a trading order for execution or modifies it preliminary (changing the type of position), and only thereafter the order is transmitted into the iPA-Investor trading account and becomes the basis for a trade execution.

The system is constructed and operates in such a way that iPA-Managers do not feel any interference from iPA technology in their work.

How iPA-Managers Receive Compensation

An iPA-Manager receives compensation, which is part of profit received during execution of trades with the help of funds allocated in the iPA-Investor account.

To attract iPA-Investors’ attention, we recommend a Manager to follow iPA trading rules in order to trade efficiently and profitably. Such trading is characterized by various statistical indices (learn more in the Long List of iPA-Managers).
The higher trading performance an iPA-Manager has, the higher iPA-Investors’ confidence is. More funds under management mean higher compensation.