The Latest Updates of the Company’s Software Solutions.

iPro Marketplace — Version 1.3.8
Tuesday, 21 August 2018
  • The mechanism for creating pending orders has been improved: the opening price and the type of pending order can be selected directly in the chart of a financial instrument. Thus, just a couple of clicks are needed to open a pending order. The new function is available in the context menu of the “Chart” component as well as when using the “Crosshair” tool together with the key combination Shift+C. Detailed information on how to quickly create a pending order will be published on the information and reference website iPro Marketplace info;
  • The algorithm for connecting to a trading account has been optimized by eliminating parallel requests to the server;
  • Synchronization of lists of custom strategies and indicators in the main version of iPro Marketplace and its copy has been fine-tuned: custom strategies or indicators deleted in the main version are automatically deleted from the list in the copy when the user tries to launch them;
  • Technical analysis tools have been supplemented with the function of plotting equilateral figures by pressing Shift in the figure edit mode.
  • The mechanism for using the Tab key to move between fields for entering parameters of a pending order during its creation or modification has been adjusted.
“Chart” component:
  • The parameters of the second point, which are displayed when using the “Crosshair” tool functions, are now highlighted in color, which makes the provided information on the distance between two points and the price level in the second point easier to read;
  • Calling of the context menu when clicking on the right mouse button in the mode of plotting a polygon line has been eliminated;
  • Scrolling of the chart to the current bar when changing a financial instrument in the chart has been added;
  • Fixing of the image size settings when previewing the chart image before saving it has been restored.
“Trade” component:
  • The display of the Trailing Stop custom value in the list of set values has been adjusted.
“Indicators” component:
  • Scaling of the “Properties” block by the minimum component height has been improved;
  • The behavior of the chart of the Accumulation/Distribution indicator when scrolling it in the history has been fine-tuned.

“Balance Chart” component:
  • The algorithm for creating a balance chart and displaying the points, which correspond to replenishment or withdrawal transactions, has been improved.

“Chart” component:
  • The context menu has been supplemented with additional elements for managing the strategy functioning;
  • The name of the strategy applied to the chart has been added to the name of the saved chart image.

“Code Editor” component:
  • The context menu, which is called by clicking the right mouse button on the tab with the code, has been implemented. The functions of closing one or all tabs, as well as closing all tabs except for the selected one, are available in the context menu. This improvement significantly optimizes working in the code editor when there are multiple open tabs with the program code.
  • The algorithm for processing open positions has been improved: it is possible to partially close the position when testing a strategy or an indicator.
“T: Chart” component:
  • The context menu has been supplemented with additional elements for managing the process of the strategy or indicator testing.
“T: Parameters” component:
  • The display of values of the applied sets of parameters when switching between the chart tabs containing the strategies or indicators tested in them has been adjusted;
  • The algorithms for processing minimum and maximum values of parameters, which were specified in the code when creating a strategy or an indicator in the “Strategy Development” section, have been added;
  • The display of values of the Default set of parameters upon restarting the platform has been fine‑tuned.
iPro Marketplace — Version 1.3.7
Friday, 8 June 2018
  • The calendar setting functionality in the platform has been updated: pressing Enter allows saving the selected date of the month;
  • iPro Marketplace functioning when canceling creation of a copy has been optimized;
  • The function of managing position of components in the platform sections has been adjusted;
  • The algorithm for the platform interaction with the server has been improved when connecting to trading accounts, obtaining quotes, and displaying bars in the chart.
  • The function of modifying a pending order in the chart has been updated. In addition to the opening price of the order and the Take Profit and Stop Loss levels you can also adjust the “Lot size” parameter in the “Order modification” window, which allows managing resources more efficiently in case of sudden changes in the financial market.
“Trade” component:
  • The context menu behavior when using the Trailing Stop function has been adjusted.
“Indicators” component:
  • Position of the “Delete” button has been changed: it has been moved from the tab containing custom indicators to the control panel of component elements;
  • Redundant scaling functionality of indicators plotted to the chart has been eliminated.
“Log” component:
  • Records on creating, closing, and launching iPro Marketplace copies have been added to the “Log” component of the main version in order to provide additional monitoring of the condition of the platform and its copies;
  • Duplication of records on setting and activating signals in the “Market Overview” component has been canceled.
  • For the convenience of working with code, two functions — searching and replacing code fragments — can now be called simultaneously by clicking on the “Find and replace” button on the toolbar or by pressing the standard key combination Ctrl+F;
  • The functionality of uploading archives to the platform without previous unpacking of contained files has been implemented. This update significantly facilitates work with archived files of strategies and indicators downloaded from the “Code Base” section on the information portal iPro Marketplace info;
  • The mechanism of working with files has been improved: the new function of automatic saving of changes provides support of data integrity and actuality. The auto save settings are available on the toolbar upon clicking on the “Save / Load” button.
“Code Editor” component:
  • The program assembly algorithm has been improved: if the code contains links to other files, changes in these files are automatically saved during assembly;
  • The system processes in the platform when attempting to move a code fragment beyond the component boundaries have been debugged;
  • The context menu of the component has been localized;
  • The platform launch has been normalized in cases when 32 tabs containing code are opened simultaneously in the component.
  • The use of the platform resources when recording messages in the “T: Log” component using the Print() method during the strategy or indicator testing has been optimized.
“T: Chart” component:
  • The tick generator performance when plotting a chart according to Ask prices has been improved;
  • The algorithms for currency pair application when retesting a strategy or an indicator have been improved;
  • Bugs when saving and printing the chart image have been fixed.
iPro Marketplace — Version 1.3.6
Friday, 23 March 2018

The current version of the basic release of iPro Marketplace includes the new “Send Report” program, which shall be updated together with the trading and analytical platform. The implementation of this program will allow establishing efficient interaction between the Technical Support Service and users, which will increase the responsiveness to occurring errors and speed up solution of functional tasks and debugging of the trading and analytical platform.

When launched, the “Send Report” program will:

  • fully assess the condition of iPro Marketplace and its environment;
  • collect all data necessary for analysis;
  • send the received data for further processing.

The “Send Report” program is completely secure and does not affect the operation of other applications. Soon it will be possible to view the user manual, which will be published on the information and reference website iPro Marketplace info.

Version 1.3.6 includes the following improvements in the current sections of iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform:

  • The calendar functionality in the platform has been improved: automatic date update has been implemented in the upper calendar field when using the “Next”/“Back” buttons; the “Today” button has been added to quickly select the current date in the calendar. The improved functionality is more convenient if you need to set the period for displaying the trading statement and testing a strategy/indicator or to set the date in the “Expiration date” field when creating a pending order;
  • An issue has been fixed that occurred in some versions of Windows OS when creating a desktop copy of iPro Marketplace.

The procedure for calculating the “Balance in pips” parameter has been modified for iPA-Manager accounts:

  1. The balance value is calculated based on the trades executed over the iPA period, that is, over the last four trading weeks (20 trading days).
  2. The balance value is recalculated after each executed trade, but not more than 100 last trades are taken into consideration for each trading instrument.
  3. The balance value is updated each day at 00:00 (UTC) simultaneously with the shift of the iPA period.

“Chart” component:
  • The display of levels for the Aroon, Money Flow Index, and Williams’ Percent Range indicators has been adjusted when repeatedly adding the same indicator to a section;
  • Plotting of custom indicators developed on the basis of standard indicators from the “Strategy Development” section has been fine-tuned.
  • System processes have been adjusted when saving a file with the trading statement.

“Code Editor” component:
  • The algorithm for closing a tab with the code has been optimized in order to save time when developing a strategy or an indicator: a warning about closing the tab appears only if the tab contains unsaved changes.
iPro Marketplace — Version 1.3.5
Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The updated version of iPro Marketplace implements the concept of manual and automated management of trading positions in several accounts simultaneously. Due to the new special function of creating desktop copies of iPro Marketplace, traders can conveniently and safely solve most tasks they face when trading in two or more accounts.

Launch without additional authorization

The platform supports creation of three copies with the familiar interface of the “Market Analysis”, “Trading Statement”, and “ATS Management” sections. Such an easy and understandable process of launching a copy without additional authorization, including selection of key settings, provides optimal use of the system resources and also allows achieving the data integration between the main version and its copies in compliance with all security requirements.

Synchronization of trading operations

All trading operations are synchronized between the copies and the main version; thus, simultaneous trading is available both in several accounts and in one account but in different iPro Marketplace desktops.

Customization of settings

Settings such as style, language, and sound notifications of events are inherited by the copies from the main version. However, copies can be customized: location of components, appearance of tables and charts can be individually adjusted for each copy, and a special color selected for certain elements will allow you to quickly and easily identify the necessary desktop.

Significant advantages

In the conditions of rapid technological development, the new function of the trading and analytical platform provides even more opportunities for users to achieve their goals and high trading results.

Version 1.3.5 includes the following improvements in the current sections of iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform:
  • System processes have been optimized, which ensured the stable operation of the program when the computer is blocked.

“Indicators” component:
  • The display of custom indicators in the “Chart” component has been adjusted;
  • The display of the “Properties” block when reducing the platform window size has been optimized.
  • The algorithm for stopping the strategy functioning while changing an account has been improved.
“Indicators” component:
  • The control function of indicators specified in the strategy code during the functioning of an automated strategy has been adjusted.
  • For statements generated while there was no connection to the server, the display of the account number corresponding to the generated statement has been added.
“iPA trade quality” component:
  • The display of indices when there are no transactions in the iPA-Manager account for the iPA period has been adjusted.
  • Changes to the processing of pending orders during testing have been made, which allowed adjusting the function of cancelling pending orders upon the expiry of their activation time;
  • The function of saving the currency pair value for a tested strategy has been updated.
Context menu:
  • The operation of the “Show Ask price on the chart” function during testing has been fixed.
“T: Parameters” component:
  • The function of restoring the default values of strategy parameters while restarting the trading and analytical platform has been optimized.
“T: Chart” component:
  • The system mechanism for removing a technical analysis tool from the quotes chart during testing has been adjusted;
  • The logic when working with several indicators by retesting has been improved — the “Select section to display the indicator” window only appears when plotting indicators to the chart for the first time.
iPro Marketplace — Version 1.3.4
Tuesday, 27 June 2017
  • The option of calling the context menu for quick access to standard functions of the selected component has been added. This update expands the functionality of the trading and analytical platform and makes the interaction with components more convenient and intuitive. It allows improving the quality of trading activity in the financial market as a whole;
  • The function to manage the height of components at the bottom of workspace during high screen resolution of monitor has been modified.

“Trade” component:
  • The means for processing open positions, in case there is no connection to the server, have been implemented: the parameters of open positions as well as the values in the balance bar are displayed according to the latest data received from the server before losing the Internet connection. The management of positions is resumed when the connection to the server is restored.
“Indicators” component:
  • The display of indicators with the set monthly (MN) Time Frame has been adjusted;
  • The distorted display of Pivot indicator when changing to another account after exiting the sleep mode has been fixed.
“Log” component:
  • The positioning of the button “Copy the selected message” with the component minimum height has been fixed.
  • The function to set Stop Loss and Take Profit for market execution and pending orders by dragging cells from the “Trade” component to the chart has been updated.
“ATS Parameters” component:
  • Scaling of the block “Sets of parameters” with the minimum component height has been improved.

“iPA trade quality” component:
  • The display of levels of the following parameters: “Trade profitability”, “Holding time of transactions” and “Trade intensity” has been improved.

“Code editor” component:
  • The ReInit() method for recalculating an indicator created in the strategy code on the basis of new parameters has been added. Accordingly, in the sections “Strategy Testing” and “ATS Management” the values of an indicator during the strategy functioning will be recalculated according to new parameters.
  • The strategy testing function in the absence of market activity has been adjusted;
  • The display of Force Index and On Balance Volume indicators with the following parameters: Time Frame — M15, the type of data modeling – “At price opening” has been improved.
“T: Trade” component:
  • The buttons have been added on the control panel to customize the view of open positions table and to quickly close or delete orders;
  • The system reference to the first price of a pending order, instead of the new one leading to a system error during its change has been fixed.
“T: Parameters” component:
  • The algorithm for saving changes in the “T: Parameters” component before starting to test a strategy again has been optimized.
“T: Balance Chart” component:
  • The balance chart forming when changing the component size during testing has been modified.

“Balance Chart” component:
  • The display of correct dates of a testing period has been adjusted.