Priority Investment Areas for the Next Decade

What is the next big thing for a successful investor?
The modern world is developing and improving at a rapid pace. In turn, the technologies of the future are gradually replacing the current traditional approaches in various fields and industries.

UBK Markets believes the next 10 years will definitely be a decade of transformations.

Blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotization, gadgetisation, 3D printing and other innovations are being actively introduced into our life and become an integral part of it.

While the last decade was the best for investing in technology, the next ten years will be the time of investing in industries being transformed by the technology itself.

So, now is the right moment for investors to build their portfolios, develop investment strategies and make the most of the emerging opportunities.

What areas for investments will be the most profitable?

The analysts of UBK Markets believe that the future lies in the following areas:

  • telecommunication technology;
  • information technology;
  • financial technology;
  • innovative raw material technology.
Telecommunication Technology

It is already impossible to imagine our life without usual means of communication such as mobile phones, computers, and the Internet. The telecommunications infrastructure is currently being developed and improved. Various solutions are being actively developed and offered for organizing communication both in companies and between their departments.

As of January 2021, the population of the Earth is approximately 8 billion people. About 4 billion people already have access to the Internet, and it is predicted that almost everyone will have it in the next 10 years.

Moreover, the launch of 5G mobile network is expected in the near future, which will deliver lighting fast download speeds and latency or delays of just 1 to 4 milliseconds.

Consequently, the global computer network and telecommunications progress will become an even greater driving force for many new businesses and services, and therefore promising investment tools.


The current world realities transform all spheres of life and determine new rules for the application and functioning of information technology.

Artificial intelligence will soon reach new heights and will be used in various industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, ecology, science, entertainment, security, and state-business relations.

Moreover, artificial intelligence can rise to the challenge of connecting data and events as human abilities here are limited.

Financial Technology

The impact of technological progress on finance is quite obvious. Soon, more people will increasingly pay for purchased goods digitally, which will lead to the complete vanishing of money in the form that we are used to.

This will only be possible if we use a multifunctional and multilevel information technology called blockchain, which ensures secure financial transactions without intermediaries. Blockchain is already being integrated into various spheres of life and is becoming the basis for new legal relations in the digital world.

New financial technologies offer broader possibilities for working with Big Data in banks and companies providing financial services.

According to UBK Markets, electronic payments, banks, digital assets, and AI market are promising areas for investments.

Innovative Raw Material Technology

Natural raw materials are diminishing every year, and taking into account the fact that the production of goods in various sectors of the economy is increasing and the demand for these goods is growing, the price of metals, raw materials used for electricity production, and of other natural resources will only increase.

Based on this, we believe that long-term investments in raw technology will only become more and more attractive, and that this area is also promising for investments in the next 10 years.

Green technology deserves special attention.

The European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, the Republic of Korea and more than 110 other countries have pledged to go carbon neutral by 2050, and China promised to do the same by 2060.

To achieve these challenging goals, regulations, investments and subsidies must focus on four things:

  • replacing fossil fuel power with renewable energy;
  • swapping fossil fuel vehicles for battery electric vehicles;
  • switching to green hydrogen energy;
  • improving efficiency through digital solutions.

Our company has focused on investment opportunities in telecommunications, information, financial and innovative raw material technologies, since we believe that these sectors have reasonable and promising prospects in the next decade.

The world is changing at a great speed, and we live in a time of global changes and transformations.

Is your investment portfolio well positioned for the next big thing?
With UBK Markets, you can efficiently build your investment portfolio by following our recommendations and using the proposed tools, technologies and services.